Book Book brings back Office-Offset

Office-Offset was a duplicating process which belonged to the office technology. For nearly 20 years, this process delivered the best quality and highest quantities. Today not only the machines but also the history is completely forgotten. The rediscovery of these fully capable miniature offset presses marks a new era of experimental offset printing at the office. By combining current technologies with the decontextualization of the usage, Book Book transfers a former duplication technology into an experimental printing technique, which generates magnificent results and offers a vast amount of options to work with.

Some features which makes Office-Offset such a unique process:
– Possibility to print originals in high quantities
– Offset print quality
– Working right-reading on the printing plate
– Various options to imprint the plates, either analogue or digital
– Printing up to 175lpi screen ruling
– Special Office-Offset Flexoprinting technique

Our machine is a Roto/Rotaprint 625:
Machine size (B / T / H): 92 × 63 × 57 cm
Paper size: 75 × 105 to 260 × 364 mm
Printing size, max.: 240 × 322 mm
Paper weight: 40 to 250 gsm
Speed: 60 to 120 prints/min

Besides printing at our studio we are open to collaborate with artists, institutions or galleries and offer workshops for students.

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